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The cement ballast gives stability to the cage and keeps the correct position to fish, with the entrances directed toward top.

Bait compartment.

Opening door access to inside.

Frontal sight of an entrance.

Standard Characteristics *

Reference C-17,5X54-A
Cage Size: Diameter x Length (mm) 175 X 540
Mesh Dim. (mm) 8 X 8
Safety Door (mm) 86 X 70 (8X7 mesh with dim. 8X8)
Degradable Door (mm) 120 X 120 (Mesh: 7 X 7)
Ties 31
Elastics 4
Hooks 4
Cement Weight (kg) 2,582
Total Weight (kg) 2,982
Material HD PE and Cement

ENTRANCES Quantity: 2
Upper Diam. (mm) 170
Lower Diam. (mm) 35
Profundity (mm) 160

TUBE FOR BAIT Quantity: 1
Diameter (mm) 65
Mesh Dim. (mm) 17 X 12
Altura (mm) 110
Degradable Door (mm) 110 X 105 (Mesh: 7 X 7)

Quantity / Pallet 168
Pallet (cm) 110 X 123 X 266

BY SEA (20' or 40' CONTAINER)
Quantity / Pallet 132
Pallet (cm) 110 X 123 X 209

* Approximate values

According the country legislation and the market needs, CETAP/SINORGAN is available to develop cages with different meshes dimension and colours (001-White, 002-Black, 004-Green or 006-Bleu). Please contact CETAP/SINORGAN!

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