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The original plastic conception of the windbreaker net eliminates and avoids all parasitic concentrations and its structure allows any type of irrigation, including the irrigation by sprinkling.

The windbreaker net, with their aerodynamics characteristics calculated to obtain a maximum covering, resists the continuous winds over than 120 km/h. Several agrarian posts are now equipped with artificial hedge or windbreaker net CETAP/SINORGAN, in different areas and varied climates.

The windbreaker net net was developed according to the instructions of the Centre Nationaux de Recherche Agronomique (France).

Reference Mesh Size (mm) Width (mm) Material Colour Presentation
1-CV-100 7 X 7 1000 LD PE 001;004 * Rolls of 25 m
1-CV-120 7 X 7 1200 LD PE 004 * Rolls of 25 m
1-CV-150 7 X 7 1500 LD PE 004 * Rolls of 25 m

Colours: 001-White; 002-Black; 003-Yellow; 004- Light Green; 005-Dark Green; 006-Blue; 007-Red; 008-Orange; 010-Grey

* Beyond the colours indicated in each reference, it is possible to produce in any other colour of the list for a minimum request of 20 rolls.


For other plastic nets, CETAP/SINORGAN appreciate your contact to give the answer to your needs, through the development of new products and new solutions.\

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