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The Greenhouse

The Greenhouse GHG1 is an extremely useful and accurate for researchers for the propagation of plants, allowing the study of behavior, but also the study of substrates and agro-chemical, environmental and atmosphere and humidity controlled.

The Greenhouse GHG1 is a simple tool as part of design, ideal for home use, where the consumer can produce their own crops such aromatics, ornamental, medicinal and horticultural plants.

Characteristics of the Greenhouse GHG1


  • Length x Width x Height (mm): 390 x 235 x 255


  • Allows controlled hydroponic culture;
  • Allows the circulation of water and air;
  • Allows you to control the water level in case of temporary absence.


  • Fully protects plants from cold temperatures and night frosts;
  • The two openings allow gradual ventilation;
  • Allows you to control the humidity and temperature.


    For the GHG1 Greenhouse CETAP/SINORGAN offers different growing trays or direct seeding with cells whose volumes are between 35 to 310cm3 where the winding roots is difficult.

    The tray for direct seeding adapted to the Greenhouse GHG1 allows an intensive culture, hydroponics or not, as example the grass. This tray is especially indicated to seed handling the plants that allow the dispersing of the seed.

    Trays Reference Volume (cm3) Plants by m2 Leng. X Wid. x Heig.(mm) Upper Diameter (mm)
    77 B 35 1023 350 x 215 x 50 30
    40 B 70 531 350 x 215 x 55 42
    28 B 115 372 350 x 215 x 65 49
    15 B 310 204 350 x 215 x 90 69
    77 A 60 1023 350 x 215 x 87 30
    40 A 125 531 350 x 215 x 93 42
    Tray without Cells 380 x 225 x 40 -

    Individual Box

    Users of GHG1 will have better success with the quality of substrates, fertilizers and agro-chemical used, and the water quality.

    The GHG1 is composed from high duration and recyclable materials.

    CETAP / SINORGAN will continue to develop new products and solutions, having a main preoccupation on preserving the environment.

    In conclusion, as it rigor and simplicity, the Greenhouse GHG1 becomes an instrument for domestic use, research and education.

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