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        Established in 1958, CETAP is an industrial company specialized in injection and extrusion in the plastic industry.

        SINORGAN, S.A. is a company that cooperates with CETAP in the commercialization of the products.

        CETAP/SINORGAN, S.A. is a solid and dynamic business partnership. Based on a high standard quality and efficient services rendered.

        It collaborates on several national and international projects. Its main goals are the inquiry and development of new techniques, products and solutions for the following areas: Agriculture, Garden, Fish, Packing, Construction and Industry in general.

        With traditions in the area of I & D, supported by an excellent tooling and drawing department with a proven experience in the field of injected pieces, as well as in the extruded nets, CETAP/SINORGAN, S.A. joins all the elements for an excellent cooperation.

        In plants multiplication system , CETAP/SINORGAN, S.A. is the market leader since early 80's. It manufactures one of the most complete European collections of catch-crop trays for several areas such as Forestation, Fruit-growing, Horticulture, Floriculture and Vegetative Multiplication. Also develops other products for agriculture: cells and tray-cells, Fruti-pots and processes aimed for the root pruning system and transport

        In 1965, CETAP/SINORGAN, S.A. began the production of plastic nets and currently has a large range of products for different applications, such as: fence, décor, mosquito, windbreak, shadow, individual plants protection against (animals and herbicides), fence/protection agricultural fields against animals, protection against moles, tutors of plants, among others.

        In the fishing sector, is proud to have introduced new processes, such as the entrances for the cages, helping always the fishermen, with the concern and the duty to respect the normative and to protect the species.

        The fishing is a hard activity and CETAP/SINORGAN, S.A. contribution passes by soften the efforts and the real costs of the fishermen and for developing products who allow to fish, avoiding the destruction of the species, without losing the future potentialities of this activity.

        Recently CETAP/SINORGAN, S.A. developed a new concept of cage – the gold collapsible cage, offering to the fishermen greatest safety in the handling of the traps by having a reduced dimension in the boat and when the cages go to the waters, assumes its natural form of fishing.

        Concerning the packing, these products have as main aim the protection of fragile materials subject to be damaged during the handling and transport. By the diversity of colours which can be manufactured, they can also be used as a decorative element.

        In building, it has as principal objective the safety during the work, due to the rigour which we apply in the production of each product, in terms of quality and resistance in their applications.

        The quality of the materials and the durability of the products are proven by his customers, spread for the 5 continents.

Artigos em plástico para os sectores da Agricultura e Pescas, Redes Plásticas, Tabuleiros para reprodução de plantas, Protectores para plantas, Covos, boias, e outros artigos para a pesca profissional e pesca desportiva