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Orange tree and pine tree radicular pruning

The trays bottom should not be in contact with the ground or any other surface, in order that the roots do not force out the tray cavity, avoiding this way to be spoiled or the they suffer any damage during pruning.

CETAP/SINORGAN developed 3 techniques that prevent the situation above, and encourage the pruning and a good root development.

Feet for the growing trays - Breeding and Transport

The radicular pruning system is achieved by introducing the feet technique in the growing trays, allowing the air to circle, making a perfect root growth.

The feet insert between the growing trays cavity's, very easy to assemble. They are universal, and fit in every CETAP/SINORGAN growing trays that have this technique.

It is a very practical system, very workable, and by having a dismountable circular support allows the trays to be installed at any surface and besides that they can be piled up, making the transportation easier.

Designation Reference Height (mm) Material Color Quantity / Box
Feet for growing tray (small) 3207 155 PP Black 748 feet / box
Feet for growing tray (big) 3198 315 PP Black 560 feet / box

PLASTIC NET S3 60 1300 – For Growing Trays

The plastic net S3 60 1300 was develop for the first time 25 years ago, for the Scandinavian market, and until this day this is a technique that works, actually it is the only one that gives 100% guaranty that no root grows back up.

The Plastic net S3 60 1300 system works according the images and legends below, making the radicular pruning possible:

Two layers of
S3 60 1300 on the ground

Cross a steel wire
between the two nets

Reference Mesh (mm) Width (mm) Roll (m) Material Color
S3 60 1300 5 x 5 1300 50 PE Black

PLASTIC NET CEL 80 67 – For Trays and Cells

The plastic net CEL 80 67, was developed for the PORTUCEL nursery's, it works as a support for the cells and trays, attached in a steady structure and pressured at the moment of application, maintaining the normal air circulation.

The plastic net CEL 80 67 is available for the 200cc cell. For the remaining cells we would appreciate if you could contact us, in order to respond your demands, through the development of new nets and solutions.

Reference Mesh (mm) Width (mm) Roll (m) Material Color
CEL 80 67 45 x 45 800 50 PE Black

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