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Eucalyptus – Viveiros do Furadouro, Portugal

California Florida Plant, EUA

In plants multiplication systems, CETAP/SINORGAN is one of the market leaders since yearly 80's .

Producing one of the most complete collections of growing trays for Horticulture, Floriculture, Forestry, Fruticulture, and Vegetative Multiplication.

CETAP/SINORGAN develops other products for Agriculture: cells and cells trays, fruit-pots, pruning roots and transport systems.


Tray 60ME

Cell 100cc + Tray 40 Optim

Cell 3L


Growing Trays CETAP/SINORGAN Characteristics

PRODUCTIVITY: Number of plants per m2 raised and balanced to avoid the plant stretched;

CONCEPTION: Excellent relation draining-oxygenation, providing a perfect pruning roots system and plants most healthy;

PRUNING ROOTS SYSTEMS: Vertical grooves in all alveolus, in agreement with the geometry of the cells, where the winding of the roots is made it difficult;

ADAPTABLE: Efficient mechanization and accuracy. The trays are adaptable to manual processes, almost in any type of machine precision seeds. CETAP/SINORGAN trays can be used in the main type of machines in industry;

QUALITY: Manufactured with raw material 100% virgin and of high quality (suppliers are selected with all the severity), that it guarantees the duration and rigidity of trays (in normal work), CETAP/SINORGAN OFFERS 5 YEARS OF GUARANTEE, as minimum;

TRANSPORT: Suitable to be used in some processes of root pruning. A system of feet can be adjusted to allow the trays to be pilled up, so they can be transported easily;

STERILZATION: The trays can be sterilized until 130ºC, preserving per many years its initial characteristics, protecting the future productions from phytosanitary illnesses;

ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION: Due to its composition (virgin raw material - PP) they are you recycle.

One of the most complete european collections of Growing Trays!

Artigos em plástico para os sectores da Agricultura e Pescas, Redes Plásticas, Tabuleiros para reprodução de plantas, Protectores para plantas, Covos, boias, e outros artigos para a pesca profissional e pesca desportiva